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Below is a list of commonly asked questions regarding the Forensic Storage and Technology Center. If you don't see an answer to a question, you can always call us at 215-322-1375.
Do You Offer Long-Term Evidence Storage?
Yes, we offer both short and long-term evidence storage. Litigation activities can last years, we provide storage services as long as your case needs.
What Type of Evidence Can I Store?
FSTC’s spacious Evidence Department allows for the storage of small items, such as a coffee maker, to large items, such as a school bus, and everything in between.
How much does it cost to store evidence?
The competitive pricing at FSTC is determined based upon the size of your piece of evidence. Storage rates are calculated monthly and range from $25.00/month to $250/month.
Do You Offer Long-Term Evidence Storage?
Yes, we offer both long-term and short-term evidence storage.
How many people can the inspection bay hold?
With over 1,600 sq. feet of space in the inspection bay, along with an aerial viewing platform and a portable partition wall, there is no limit for inspection attendees.
Do you offer inspection tools for investigators traveling to FSTC?
Yes. We have a wide array of state-of-the-art technology and tools so investigators do not have to travel with their equipment. A list of tools can be found at https://forensicsc.wpengine.com/new/inspections. Please contact us in advance to reserve necessary tools.
What amenities are available for people attending an inspection?
FSTC has a kitchenette fully stocked with coffee and refreshments, multiple restrooms, a conference room, Wifi, and an office area complete with printer, copier and fax services. Catering available upon request. *Please call ahead to reserve any special services for your inspection.
Do I have access to the conference room?
Yes. The conference room is available for private meetings, deposition testimony, and presentations by reservation. It is also open to attendees during inspections.

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