24 Hour Rapid Response

Our highly-skilled 24-hour rapid response team is available for immediate documentation, pickup and receipt of accident and crime scene evidence of virtually any size or type. With time often being a critical factor in preserving the integrity of evidence, our rapid response team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and has the experience and expertise to insure the proper documentation and handling of all property and evidence. Contact Terry Myers at 215-280-6665 or Steven Schorr at 215-806-1245.

The High-Definition Survey (3D Laser Scanning), laser scanner, is utilized to document and preserve evidence at accident and crime scenes, as well as damage to vehicles, property and structures without compromising the environment. The scanned and recorded three-dimensional measurements are accurate to within three millimeters or less. HDS laser scan data is then plotted, via computer-aided design and modeling software, to produce precise, functional and aesthetically pleasing two-dimensional and three-dimensional exhibits for analysis and demonstration purposes.

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